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IELTS Speaking Questions With Answers Part 3

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In the third part of the IELTS speaking exam, you and the examiner have to do the discussion on a specific topic which will be two ways. However, you still have to talk more than the examiner. In this part, your extended speaking abilities are examined.

This part of the test ensures that will you have a higher band in the test or not. The examiner tests your ability to give the extended answers with the correct grammar, vocabulary, and the proper pronunciation of the words.

In this article, we have given you the sample question with the sample answers so you may have an idea. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to memorize the answers as you can always change them according to your wish.

Another thing which should be kept in mind is that it doesn’t matter that you agree with the question the examiner asked. You just have to give your opinion and have to make sure that you don’t say things that are off-topic. This is because the examiner is only grading you on the speaking skills and not on your opinions about things.

Following are the few topics that can be discussed on the IELTS Speaking Test-Part 3

#1 Values related topic in IELTS Speaking – Part 3

Let’s talk about the values and how they change in different ways.

  • What type of materialistic possessions gives higher status to individuals in your home country?

This is a great question. I think it always depends upon what kind of people you are around and at what place you are. For example, if you’re at the public place then people will get impressed because of the car you own and how you’re driving it. Such as if you possess a BMW or Mercedes Benz then you will be considered of high status. This is because it is expensive and people usually can’t afford it. Additionally, if you are having a big house in the posh area then people will also give you a higher status in society.

  • Have these values changed with the course of time or have remained the same?

I don’t exactly remember how they were when I was young but I believe that they were different. For example, as I mentioned before, the cars as a sign of higher status. Actually, they became popular in my country 10 years ago. So, owning a car and its linkage to the higher status is somewhat also recent. What I believe is that in old times the possession of a lot of jewelry of gold, diamonds, and other stones was considered to be valuable. Anyhow, they are still valuable but other things have also added into the thinking of higher status.

  • According to you why people have to display their status?

I think that it is somewhat important for people to show their possessions to other people in order to tell them that they are successful individuals. However, this puts pressure on the other individuals in society as they also want to have such things in order to show that they are successful. Moreover, showing these things to other means that you have a lot of money, and earning a lot of money is the urge of everyone in society. For example, if you are having a BMW then you would like to show it to others in order to tell them that you have a lot of money and you are a successful man. Additionally. There can be other reasons such as gaining respect. In my home country if you have a lot of expensive things and you have a lot of money then people give you a lot of respect.

#2 Advertising related topic in IELTS Speaking – Part 3

Now let us discuss the advertising role.

  • Is it true that advertising of things influence people what to buy?

Yes of course. If the companies don’t advertise their products then you will simply go to the shop and buy whatever looks nice to you or what others have recommended. Or you may just go for the brand name or the price which suits your pocket the best. Advertising of products increases the knowledge of the people about things and when they actually want to buy it they consider the pros and cons of it. Nowadays, the products are advertised so much that everyone knows what type of brand is offering what kind of thing. Additionally, nowadays you just can escape the advertising as it is done on different platforms such as schools, television, universities, train and bus stations, etc. So yeah, advertising influences people’s minds when it comes to buying anything.

  • Do you believe that the advertisements give people the correct information or its just the way of encouraging people to purchase things they do not need?

It depends upon the company that what it is advertising and people who have to distinguish between good and bad advertising products. For example, advertisement of products of skin whitening. I don’t believe that they even work but they are very popular in the countries of Asia. Advertisements encourage people to purchase them even when they are unnecessary. The advertisements are so impactful that people think they need to have those products in order to look better. So, this was one of the examples of advertising the product and exaggerating it in a way that people must buy it. On the other hand, the advertisements for cigarettes in which it is told that it is bad for health makes advertisement purposeful. So, it all depends upon the company who sells the product and people who have to make a decision that what to buy and whatnot.

  • Is it very important to advertise things in our modern society?

Yes, it is important to advertise things in modern society. As I mentioned before, there are so many choices and one needs to be guided so he should know what to buy. If there are no advertisements then people will get confused and they will have no idea what to buy. However, in my opinion, it is not at all necessary to advertise things as it can do more harm. As we discussed earlier, that seeing catchy advertisements cause people to buy unwanted things. We live in that society in which all people are not wealthy and many are in debt which they have to pay. These catchy advertisements influence them to buy those things which are not needed and they end up wasting their money. If there are no advertisements then as an individual we can do research and then go to the market to buy things. So yeah it is important to advertise things but it is not a need of the society at all.

#3 Internet-related topic in IELTS Speaking – Part 3

Let’s talk about the influence the internet has on our lives.

  • Is it true that people notice the advertisements that come on the internet?

There are so many adverts which you can find on the internet. But I don’t really think that most of the people actually consider them, they always try to ignore them. People use the internet to look for the things they want which can be any kind of information, so they end up ignoring the advertisements. On the other hand, there are always people who consider advertisements. Nowadays most of the companies take part in the advertising their products and they also pay money to the sites which advertise for them. So, yeah they must be gaining some viewers from which they are covering their costs.

  • According to you how the buying habits of people will change in the future by using the internet?

Buying things online by using the internet is becoming very popular. For example, you can see that there are many shops of books that are closed because individuals can purchase books online from different sites such as Amazon. Additionally, it has made life very easy as you don’t have to go anywhere and the thing you need comes to your doorstep. I think it will increase in the future as people consider buying things online. Moreover, the lives will also become busier because of which people will like to have things delivered at their homes.

  • According to you what are the disadvantages of buying things online via the Internet?

Yes, there are some. Firstly, if you buy clothes then there can be problems. Normally, you go to the clothes shop and check the size, check whether it suits you or not, and when you buy it. But obviously, you can not do it while shopping for clothes online. Moreover, it is more hassle when you have to replace the thing when you don’t like it. Additionally, there is a security problem as well. As you have to provide your bank account number. Recently, it’s been reported that while ordering things online the details of credit cards were stolen. Anyhow, there are just a few cases reported but the risk is always there. On the other hand, online shopping can affect local businesses in small towns.

#4 Transport related topic in IELTS Speaking – Part 3

 Let’s have a discussion about Transport.

  • How do people in your home country travel to long distances?

Most people travel by cars, trains, and buses. People mostly like to use their own cars because they feel comfortable and also don’t want to spend money on trains or bus tickets. Moreover, people avoid trains because they are sometimes delayed which causes problems for people. The buses are cheaper than the trains but still, they are not comfortable like your own car. On the other hand, people can also travel by plane but again it is costly, so people avoid using planes for long travel with in the country. Therefore, cars are the best option you have if you want to travel comfortably to long distances.

  • Is there any difference between the kinds of transport used in the past and now?

I do not think so. In my country, the modes of transport used nowadays are the same that were used some decades before. Yes, you can say that there are improvements in transport but on the whole, they haven’t changed. Cars are more common nowadays as they have become a little cheaper than before and the condition of roads is also improved lately which has made the usage of cars more. However, this has also caused pollution. Many precautions are now taken to avoid pollution. Such as there are solar cars that run on the storage of sunlight. Additionally, there are guided buses that do not run on the gas hence not causing air pollution.

  • What are the recent improvements in transport?

There are many improvements in transport. Many new roads are built which have made the travel easy to long distances. Additionally, the cars model have been improved a lot. Such as the engine’s power has been increased which has made the driving of the car very smooth. Recently, smart cars are introduced which has changed the way of traveling as these types of cars do not need any drivers. Furthermore, the new railway tracks have been laid down underground which makes the intercity travel very easy. This also saves the time of many people as they do not have to waste their time on roads in lots of traffic. So yes, there are a lot of improvements in the transports recently.

#5 Environmental problems related topic in IELTS Speaking – Part 3

Let’s talk about the environmental problems which exist globally.

  • According to you what environmental problems are affecting countries worldwide nowadays.

Sadly, there are so many of them. However, it is not yet proved but you will find a fact that the main problem nowadays is global warming. It is global warming which is causing drastic changes in weather and causing many other problems. A lot of the countries in the world are facing this problem some at a low scale and some at a larger scale. One of the examples we can see is of the United States as it is facing more tornadoes and hurricanes in recent years which are causing drastic effects. Additionally, there is also news of the increased flooding in many countries in Europe and Asia. Furthermore, recently it has been seen that fires in the forests of Australia and Brazil are increasing which is destroying wildlife and nature.

  • Are governments doing anything to overcome this problem which is affecting people at large scale?

No, I don’t think so. The governments do help people when the problem has occurred and it has affected people. There are no such measures taken to prevent the problem. However, they are some countries that are trying at a low level to prevent the problem but it is not enough. Moreover, we have seen that there are not many precautions made to reduce carbon footprints. The major reason for this is that the governments know that if they reduce the carbon dioxide in the environment then they also have to reduce their economic growth, for which they are not prepared. So, yeah this is the main problem which needs to be solved.

  • Why do you think that people don’t take the problems of the environment seriously?

I think that there may be many reasons for this. Firstly, people don’t get affected on a daily basis so they don’t take the environmental problem seriously. They just perceive environmental problems as the problems affecting others. Additionally, there are organizations that give wrong information to the people. For example, the companies of oil give wrong information about global warming making people believe that there are no effects of it. This is mainly to gain profits and to keep their companies running. Moreover, also people think that global warming is the issue which can not be solved immediately and by the time when it will be solved they might be dead. So, it’s not important for them to consider solving the problem in their lifetime.

  • According to you what is the nastiest environmental disaster that has been caused by the activities of humans?

According to me the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine is the worst disaster caused by humans. There were nuclear meltdowns and the explosion. A lot of lives were lost in it and the environment was affected very badly. Additionally, it is probable that the effects will remain in the environment in the years to come. In Ukraine, there are people who get sick because of the explosion even today and you cannot go near to the site. Apart from this, there are other disasters as well such as spills of oils in the US and Africa.

  • Why do these disasters happen affecting human life so much?

There are so many different reasons for this. Sometimes it is because care is not taken. This is maybe because the good procedures aren’t available. Additionally, the companies want to lower the cost and they turn up compromising the safety methods needed. Moreover, whenever such a disaster happens the people responsible for that are not held accounted and they don’t improve themselves for the future. Apart from this, the companies also do not admit it because they also have to pay the amount of compensation which they are not ready to pay. Lastly, there are times when the disaster happens out of nowhere and you can’t blame anyone.

  • Will there be more human-caused disasters in the future affecting the environment?

I do not think so. The safety measures are increasing day by day and the procedures are also improved. But human errors are always there and can cause disaster anytime. One thing can be done is that the governments should take the necessary step to ban those companies who have caused some kind of disaster so that it is not repeated again.

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