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IETLS Speaking Section Part 1: Topics and Related Questions

IELTS Speaking Topics And Questions

Many candidates want to know what type of questions come in the speaking section of the IELTS exam. To give you an answer to this we have written this article so that you may know what kind of questions come so you can prepare accordingly. Keep in mind, that the questions change on a regular basis and you won’t be getting the same questions but the topics are often repeated which will we explain below. We have explained all the examples which often come in the different sections of the IELTS speaking test such as part 1.

Make sure you practice these questions with someone who has good spoken English so that he or she can extend the questions. Moreover, you can always ask yourself questions and practice speaking in front of the mirror on any of the topics. But always make sure that you don’t answer the question in one word.

List of Questions and Topics in IELTS Speaking Test Section Part 1

Following are the related Topics and questions for Part One in IELTS speaking exam

There are many topics that are very common in the IELTS exam and in the first section there are topics that are predictable somehow. However, keep in mind that the questions may vary from test to test as the topics vary.

#1 Questions About Your Hometown

I would like to inquire about some questions from you about the hometown you live in.

  • What is the name of your hometown?
  • Where is it located?
  • How did you feel growing in your hometown?
  • Has your hometown changed?
  • What is the most fascinating thing about having a life there?
  • Being a tourist what can we see in your hometown?
  • Will you live there in the near future?

 #2 Questions About Your Home

I would like to inquire about some questions from you about the home you live in.

  • What kind of home do you live in? Is it a house or an apartment?
  • What is the size of it?
  • Does anybody else live with you?
  • Is there any room which is your favorite?
  • Is your home a quiet place?
  • What kind of things you can perceive while looking outside from windows?
  • Is there anything you will want to change in your house/apartment?

#3 Questions About Your Studies-IELTS Speaking Exam

I would like to inquire about some questions from you about the studies you do.

  • What kind of subject you are studying?
  • What was the reason for choosing the course?
  • Which subject is your favorite?
  • Have you made new friends studying the same course?
  • What are the job opportunities for you, after you finish the studies?
  • Is there any plan to study further?

#4 Questions About Your Work-IELTS Speaking Exam

I would like to inquire about some questions from you about the work you do.

  • What kind of work you do?
  • Do you enjoy something about working?
  • What duties you perform?
  • Will you like to do some other work in the near future?
  • What are your activities after finishing work?

Other Common questions in Part 1 of IELTS speaking exam

In addition to the questions related to your work, home or studies the examiner may ask you some further questions related to the ongoing discussion. Remember one thing, that the questions we are posting here are just examples. And IELTS tests makers are always trying to change topics and want to give new questions to the candidates to check their speaking skills.

#5 Questions About Free Time-IELTS Speaking Exam

I would like to inquire about some questions from you about the free time you have.

  • What activities you do when you are free?
  • For how much time period you have been doing these activities?
  • Do you prefer doing such activities with someone or not? Why?
  • Do you believe that people have free time nowadays?

#6 Questions About Family-IELTS Speaking Exam

I would like to inquire some questions from you about the family of yours.

  • What is the size of your family?
  • Do your siblings live with you?
  • Is there anything you like to do with your siblings?
  • Is there any favorite family member of yours?

#7 Questions About Timing-IELTS Speaking Exam

Now, let’s talk about time.

  • Are people punctual in your country?
  • Have you ever been late for any kind of appointment?
  • Do you think that one should make some excuses for being late?
  • Do you feel bad when you are on time but another person is late for the appointment?

#8 Questions About Neighbors-IELTS Speaking Exam

Now, let’s have a discussion about the neighbors you have.

  • Are you familiar with the type of people living next door?
  • Do you guys see one another?
  • What type of relationship you have with them?
  • Do you think that neighbors can be helpful?
  • Do you think that people have problems with their neighbors in the big cities?

#9 Questions About Neighbors Food-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s talk about food.

  • Do you like cooking?
  • What dishes you can cook?
  • Tell about some popular foods in your home country?
  • Are dinner parties the trend in your culture?
  • Do you like eating with friends or alone?

#10 Questions About Neighbors Dreams-IELTS Speaking Exam

I would like to know about the dreams you have at night.

  • Do you have dreams at night?
  • Do you remember them?
  • Do dreams convey any messages?
  • Do people talk about dreams around you?
  • Do you believe in the truth of dreams?

#11 Questions About Newspapers and Magazines-IELTS Speaking Exam

Okay, let’s have a discussion about newspapers and magazines.

  • Do you read magazines or newspapers?
  • What are your favorite topics to read?
  • Do you believe that you can learn some language after reading these?
  • In your opinion, why people like to read magazines and not newspapers?

#12 Questions About Humor-IELTS Speaking Exam

Now let’s talk about some humor and comedy.

  • Do you like funny programs?
  • What kind of funny programs are popular in your home country?
  • Which type of things you believe are funny?
  • Do you have the ability to tell jokes?
  • Is it important to like humor? Why?

#13 Questions About Museum-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s talk about museums.

  • Are there any museums in your home country?
  • Have you ever visited them?
  • Would you visit them again?
  • Do you believe that people should go to the museums?

#14 Questions About Mobile Phones-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss mobile phones.

  • Do you own a mobile?
  • When did you first have the phone?
  • What is it mostly used for?
  • Is it right to use mobiles in public places?

#15 Questions About Television-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the television.

  • How much time do you give to television?
  • What kind of programs do you watch?
  • People of which age group watch a lot of television?
  • Do you believe that television can provide education?

#16 Questions About The Sea-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the sea.

  • Do you love visiting the sea?
  • Is the seaside in your home country have good tourist spots?
  • Are there fun activities at the seaside?
  • How often people go there for fun?

#17 Questions About Flowers-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the flowers.

  • Did you give someone flowers ever?
  • Do people give flowers to others in your home country?
  • Is there any flower festival in your home country?
  • What type of flowers do you love?
  • Is it normal to give some flowers to other people in your culture?

#18 Questions About The Weather-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the weather.

  • What is your favorite weather?
  • Does the weather affect your mood?
  • What kind of weather is there in your home town?
  • Do the activities of people change when weather changes in your hometown?

#19 Questions About Public Transport-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss public transport

  • What type of public transport is available in your hometown?
  • Which one do people use mostly?
  • Which one is your favorite?
  • What are the ways in which transport in your hometown can be improved?

#20 Questions About Sports-IETLS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss sports.

  • Which sport is famous in your country?
  • Do you see sports on television?
  • What kind of sports do children play at school?
  • What do you think of people who do not do sports?

#21 Questions About Writing -IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the writing.

  • Do you like writing?
  • What is the starting age of writing among children in your home country?
  • Were you fond of writing?
  • Have you ever written letters?
  • Do you like emails over writing a letter or not?

#22 Questions About Animals-IETLS Speaking Exam

 Let’s discuss the animals

  • Which animal is your favorite?
  • What kind of animals are there in your home country?
  • Which animals are pets in your home country?
  • What is your opinion on keeping animals in zoos?

#23 Questions About Dictionaries-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the dictionaries.

  • Do you prefer using a dictionary?
  • What kind of dictionary do you like? Electronic or paper?
  • Do children use dictionaries in your hometown?
  • Are dictionaries helpful in learning a language?

#24 Questions About Fashion and clothing-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss clothing and fashion.

  • Do you like doing fashion?
  • Were you fond of fashion since childhood?
  • Is wearing fashionable clothes important?
  • Do you believe that fashion changes when people are old?

#25 Questions About Birthdays-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the birthdays.

  • Have you celebrated your birthdays when you were young?
  • What fun activities you use to have?
  • Do you celebrate in the same manner as you use to do during your childhood?
  • Do you believe that giving presents are important?

#26 Questions About Books-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the books.

  • Do you love reading books?
  • What types of books are your favorite?
  • What is your all-time favorite book?
  • Do people read a lot of books in your home country?
  • What is your opinion in reading books online or electronically?

 #27 Questions About Exercise-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the exercise.

  • Are you an exercise person?
  • Do people in your home country do exercise?
  • What type of exercise is very popular?
  • In your opinion which is the best exercise to do?
  • Is there any difference in the exercise in the past and now?

#28 Questions About The internet-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s have a discussion about the internet.

  • Are you a user of the internet?
  • Do children use the internet in your home country?
  • Do you believe that the internet provides helpful study material?
  • Have you bought something online via the internet?
  • Is there any disadvantage of shopping online?

#29 Questions About Daily Routine-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the daily routine.

  • Give me some insights about the daily routine of yours?
  • Do you believe that daily routine changes with time?
  • Do you prefer the same daily routine at weekends?
  • Is there anything you would like to modify daily routine?
  • Is daily routine important?

#30 Questions About Musical Instruments-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the musical instruments.

  • What is your thought about children playing musical instruments?
  • Are children taught to play an instrument in your home country?
  • Do you yourself play an instrument?
  • According to you what is the perfect age for learning an instrument?
  • According to you which one is the difficult instrument to play?

#31 Questions About Pets-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the pets.

  • Do you own a pet?
  • According to you, which animal is the best pet?
  • Why people have pets?
  • Is it ok to leave dogs alone in a house when you are out?
  • What kind of animals cannot be held as a pet?

#32 Questions About Seasons-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the seasons.

  • Is there any favorite season of yours?
  • What kind of seasons are there in your home country?
  • What kind of clothes do individuals wear when season changes in your home country?
  • Are there any jobs in your home country which change with the change in seasons?
  • In which season more tourists come to your home country?

#33 Questions About Photographs-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the photographs.

  • Do you love taking photos?
  • According to you, photos should be taken by a camera or a phone?
  • Do you capture photographs while traveling?
  • Do you like your own photos?
  • Are there any photos hung on the wall in your home?

#34 Questions About Trees-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the trees.

  • Are you fond of trees?
  • Are there trees in the hometown you live in?
  • Do you believe that there are many trees in your city?
  • Tell some benefits of trees?

#35 Questions About Email-IELTS Speaking Exam

Let’s discuss the email.

  • Do you contact people by email?
  • Do you use email for chatting with family or friends?
  • According to you people should write an email or write letters?
  • Is it easy to write an email?
  • Do you believe that email writing will be replaced by letter writing?

So, these were some example questions that may be asked from you when you will go to give IELTS speaking test. Make sure that you practice these questions well enough so that you can improve your skills. But, always remember that you should not learn the answers as it will give a bad impression to the examiner. Moreover, the topics may change in the exam, so for this purpose, you need to have good skills in speaking English.

Additionally, if you speak the scripted answers then know that the examiners are well aware and know the very moment when you start delivering the scripted answers. Anyhow, if by chance you get the same questions as above, then make sure you answer them naturally, so the examiner doesn’t cut your marks. However, part one is always easy, so you don’t have to take stress about the questions in part one of the IELTS speaking section.

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