IELTS Score Sending Process to Universities

How to send IELTS Test Scores by mail?

You get the IELTS score after 13 days of the test. Test report form (TRF) is sent to the candidate by mail and you can also see your results online. However, if you don’t get satisfied with the result then you can always retake the exam. Or you can also find some better preparation material to get good scores.

How to Send Your IELTS Scores?

If you have attained a good score then you can send your scores to the universities you want by following some instructions listed below.

#1 Choose universities

In order to send the scores to the universities, you can always request a maximum of five more TRFs. And these TRFs will be sent to the institutions or universities free, without you spending some extra pennies on them. However, if you want more than five copies of TRFs than you have to pay for them. So, before giving the IELTS test make sure you have made a list of the universities or institutions to which you have to send your IELTS exam. Additionally, also check their IELTS score requirement and how many institutions you like to apply. 

#2 Request IELTS score sending

To request your score sending you to have two ways. You can always request the score sending during the process of registration or you can also request score sending after you receive your results. However, if you are wanting to request the score sending during the registration then make sure you provide all necessary details such as the name of the universities and their addresses on the website where you will register for a test. Or you can also send an application form with the names of the universities to the teat center near to you. But in this case, the universities will have your scores earlier than you. So, we recommend you that you should make a request for score sending after you get your results. Moreover, if you have taken the IELTS exam many times than you can choose which score you should send. So, log in to the IELTS website in your country and find the tab of applying for additional TRFs on the left side of the results page. Here fill the application form online. 

#3 Choose the delivery method

Now after you have requested the additional TRFs, choose the method of delivery which can be electronic report delivery or the paper TRF delivery. But before you choose a method make sure you check the website of the institution and know what type of delivery method they receive. Moreover, you have to pay extra for the courier charges if you choose to send paper TRFs. However, we recommend that you should send your TRFs through DHL as you can track the shipment. 

#4 Submit and pay

Now the application can be submitted. Mostly, the institution receives the electronic reports in five working days and paper reports in almost 10 working days. 

You may find this IELTS Score Sending Process a little complicated but it is necessary for application at the international schools. Lastly, make sure your report reaches the universities before the deadlines of the application. So, always prepare things in advance.

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