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How Much Does the IELTS Cost?

The cost of IELTS is among those factors which affect the decision of many students that whether they want to take the IELTS test or not. This is because there are people who cannot afford the cost of the IELTS exam.

What is The Fee Structure of the IELTS Exam in Different Testing Centers?

The cost of IELTS depends upon the test center as every test center has the authority of setting its own cost of the IELTS test. Currently, the cost of the IELTS test is around $225. However, the fee was $210 in 2015. There are chances that some IELTS Test centers that conduct the IELTS test may charge less or more fee than $225.

The average IELTS Test Fee in all countries is around US$225.

For example, the Boise test center charges $205. While on the other hand, the test center of Grand Rapids, Michigan charges the test fee of around $235, which was greater than the other test center.

How to get the information about the IELTSĀ  Fee charged by the Specific Test Centers?

You can get all the information about the exam cost offered by the specific test center while registering yourself online for the test. On the website, there is all the information given about the cost and everything else you need to know.

The following is the procedure to know the fee of the IELTS test once you visit the website.

    • Choose the type of exam you want to give, either it is General or Academic module.
    • Choose your desired country in which you will give the test.
    • Next, make a selection of the city in which you will give the exam.
    • Now select the date on which you want to give the test.
    • Now, click on the button to submit your requirements.
    • You will see a link on the further page that will ask you to register for the test. Click on that.
    • Now you will find the information about the fee of the particular test center on the next page.

Are there any Chances of Test Fee Discounts in IELTS Test Centers?

There is a chance that you will get compensation for the fee of the IELTS exam. But keep in mind that it all depends upon the country of whom you hold the citizenship. For example, SACM which is known as the Suadi Arabian Cultural Mission reimburses the fee of the IELTS exam if you are a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

How to Save Money while Taking more study time?

Unfortunately, there are many people who have to give their own IELTS fee, and sometimes it is very costly for them. If this is the case with you, that you are having the difficulty in paying the IELTS fee or can only pay the fee once. Then it is recommended that you must choose a date of exam that is far. This is because you will have more time to prepare for the test and you will be able to get scores. Additionally, this will save you from retaking the test and you will be able to save your money also.

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