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How to get High Score in IELTS Reading Exam? – 15 Tips to Get High Band Score in IELTS Reading Test

Score 8 Bands in IELTS Reading Section

In this article, we have provided you some of the tips by which you can really score higher in the IELTS reading test. Moreover, the tips include the development of reading abilities and also the refining of your English grammatical concepts.

Tips to Score 8 Bands in IELTS Reading Test Section

Following are some of the tips to get High Score in your IELTS Reading Exam:

1. Make a Strategy to cope with Questions in IELTS Reading Test

In the IELTS reading passages, there are usually 14 questions of different types and you must find some strategy to solve them. There are questions whose answers usually come in order of the passage. This information about the questions can always help you save a lot of time and finding the right answers. Moreover, there are a lot of students who find the questions of TRUE FALSE very difficult. For this purpose, you need to develop a strong strategy so you can solve them.

2. Scanning and Skimming in IELTS Reading Test

In order to get a good score, you need to develop the skill of scanning and skimming of the passages. The skimming is referred to as the reading of the passage and taking a general idea about the content. Moreover, this is suggested before you find the answers to the questions. Additionally, the questions you have to solve are also given below the passage so that you first read and skim it. Skimming is a great way to know what the passage is about and what kind of information it will give you. Anyhow, never take more than 3 minutes to skim the passage.

The other skill you need to develop is scanning. While reading the passage for the skimming purpose make sure you also underline some of the words you find important. This is important because in this way you will locate that information which is important and you will be able to answer the questions very easily.

3. Increase your Reading Speed in IELTS Reading Test

In order to have a good score in the IELTS  reading exam, it is very necessary that you finish the test in time and attempt all of the questions. So, for this purpose, you are required to develop the fast reading skills which you can attain after reading a lot of passages during your preparation.

4. You do not have to Comprehend the whole Passage in IELTS Reading Test

The IELTS reading passages are somewhat difficult sometimes but you do not need to understand it fully. The given questions test your skill to find the correct answers in the passage. However, the questions that will need you to understand the passage are choosing the title and matching headings. Apart from these, all other questions need you to find the information only.

5. Developing Vocabulary for IELTS Reading Test

The main reason the candidates don’t get their score in the reading section is that they are unfamiliar with the use of the vocabulary. The thing to notice here is that having knowledge of the vocabulary does not always mean that you know the meaning of each word. But this also means that you must know about the collocations and must also know that with which word the other words can be used.

6. Keywords For IELTS Reading Test

One of the major skills you can adopt while attempting the IELTS reading exam is that keep tabs on the keywords. You must have the ability to spot the keywords at once. Moreover, each question is given with the keyword with which you can locate the information in the passage. You can develop this habit while practicing for the test. Moreover, examples of keywords can include names, places, dates, etc.

7. Grammar in IELTS Reading Test

You must have very good grammatical skills. And you must be aware that you are putting the right tense of the word in the sentence which is making the sense. So, this means that information on the grammar can also help you find the correct answer.

8. Practice makes you Perfect for IELTS Reading Test

Practicing reading skills is one of the keys to getting a good score. If you do not practice regularly then you will end up having a bad score in the exam. So, always try that you practice a lot so that you can have a good band.

9. Be habitual in Reading Complex Passages in IELTS Reading Test

Try to develop the habit of reading the complex passages on every topic. You can familiarize your self with the difficult passages by studying articles of BBC news, the economist, the scientist, etc.

10. Practice Tests for IELTS Reading Test

There are many samples of tests available online which you can study and prepare for the test. Moreover, there is also a wide range of books available which can help you prepare for the test. However, you can make use of the IELTS reading practice test for 2 different purposes.

      • To increase your vocabulary, know about different kinds of questions and developing reading skills.
      • For your self-assessment that how well you can perform in the test and check whether you have developed the skills of reading or not.

11. GT IELTS Test Reading Section

In the general test of IELTS, the first 2 reading passages are dissimilar to the ones in the academic test of IELTS. While the third reading passage is the same to both. In order to develop the reading skills in the first 2 reading passages, you must read the employment terms, instruction manuals, schedules, etc. Moreover, you can always find the examples in the Cambridge books of IELTS. Apart from this, similar reading skills apply to both kinds of IELTS tests.

12. Know your Weak Areas for IELTS Reading Test

Always make sure you know what are your weaknesses so that you can improve. If you are not having any idea that what is your weak area then it will be difficult for you to develop any kind of skill. For this purpose, you must take practice tests and see where you are lacking. If you are lacking at understanding the reading passage then you must work on it by improving the English skills. If you are having trouble with finding the right information then it means that you lack at finding the right answer from the passage. So, always try to review and evaluate the practice test performance as it will help you greatly.

13. Be Realistic while IELTS Reading Test

Always be realistic about your score. If your skills in the English language are not good then do not expect a high score.

14. Planning the good Score for IELTS Reading Test

You must spend your time to practice reading capability by reading books in a speed reading fashion and also follow the following key points to improve the chances of scoring high in IELTS reading section:

      • Learning the vocabulary
      • Practicing a lot of different kinds of questions
      • Developing the speed of reading to find the answers quickly
      • Doing a lot of practice attests and then evaluating them to find your mistakes which you can improve.
      • Taking practice tests in the conditions of exams so you can know your potential.

15. You should always Prepare for IELTS Reading Test

There should be no second thoughts about preparing the exam. You have to prepare it in all circumstances as even the native speakers of the English language need to develop the test-specific strategies.

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