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Government of Canada Jobs With Free Work VISA in 2023

Canada is a best option for starting a new career and you are thinking exactly right to immigrate to Canada to start a job there but this actually seems like a big husstle because the whole procedure to land a job and applying for VISA seems super complex and this is why i created this short article to provide you to the point and  information on how you can find skill shortage jobs in Canada, how you can apply for Canadian Work VISA and Canadian Work Permits, how you can settle down there with your family for rest of your life.

Lets first talk about Average Salaries in Canada

I believe entry level jobs in Canada are also highly paid which is why even international skilled workers always choose Canada as first go to option and as per my research average salary in Canadian job market was estimated to be around CAD$70k per year whereas experienced skilld workers are making up to CAD$100k and entry level workers are getting paid around $50k (ca.talent report).

Step by Step Process to Apply for Canada Government Jobs

I do not want you to get confused and get overwhelmed with Canadian government job and VISA application procedures and this is why i created the following simple steps guide by following which you will easily see yourself in Canada doing a well paid job in a few months:

  1. Explore Canadian Government Skilled Worker Immigration Programs
  2. Learn about Canadian government departments
  3. Find Skill Shortage Jobs in Canadian Government Departments
  4. Submit your application for preferred Canada gov job
  5. Upon receiving appointment letter apply for Canada work VISA
  6. Enter Canada, join workplace, and convert Canada VISA into Work Residence Permit
  7. After some time invite your family members to Canada and aim for permanent residency for Canada

As you can see immigrating to Canada was never so complex and it only requires you to follow the above mentioned 7 steps sequentially and if you pass each of these steps successfully then i am confident that you will see yourself working in Canada near soon for sure so now lets further discuss these 7 points with a bit more details here:

1) Canadian Government Skilled Worker Immigration Programs

As per my recent reserch there are 8 gateways for you to enter Canada which simply means there are a total of eight Canadian skilled worker immigration programs which you can utilize to find a job in Canada and get fast track work VISA to enter Canadian market to fill in skilled worker vacant job position henceforth i suggest you to get familiar with all of these Canadian worker immigration programs to see which one suites best for you so these are Atlantic Canada immigration option, Quebec skilled worker immigration, caregiver immigration, skilled worker express entry immigration, agricultural skilled worker immigration, Northern and rural immigration, and economic mobility pathway immigration program.

2) Canadian government departments

Now i want you to also have a look at official Canadian government departments page where you will be able to find information about their latest job openings in whole departmental level and there you will also be able to set your approach to apply for their jobs.

3) Skill Shortage Jobs in Canadian government

This is very important section because now is the time when after getting familiar with all Canadian immigration programs and their government departments you will be able to see their open jobs on Canada government jobs board from where you will be able to handpick or shortlist some Canadian government jobs and submit your application for those.

4) Submit Your Job Application

So here you need to work on your documentation because most job applicants take things for granted an they recyle their resume for hundreds of jobs and this practice will not be helpful so i want you to customize your resume as per job specifics and then make sure you got all your documents ready which are needed at online job application portal and once everything is ready then initiate your job application at Canadian government jobs page.

5) Apply for Canada work VISA

If you get a job offer from Canadian government directly or via any worker immigration program then you will receive a set of documents at your residential address which might be an invitation/sponsorship letter coupled with an appointment letter which you need to present at any Canadian embassy to get your passport stamped with Canadian work visa.

6) Convert Canadian Work VISA to Work Permit

Actually the Canadian work VISA allow you to enter Canada and this is also known as Canadian port of entry letter which allow international skilled workers to enter Canada but when they start working and living in Canada then mostly they need to apply for Canadian residence/work permit which allow those workers to stay and work in Canada for longer period of time.

7) Sponsor Your Family to live with you in Canada

Now in this final step you will be given authority by Canadian government to invite your dependent children, spouse, partner, or adopted children to live with you in Canada while you work for Canadian employer or Canadian government which further means you can take advantage of Canadian family immigration sponsorship to land your relatives in Canada.

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