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Film Vocabulary for IETLS Test: IELTS Exam Vocabulary List

Film Vocabulary in IELTS Exam

Watching films is very important to all of us nowadays. This is because we can all relate to them some part of our lives. In this article, we have explained to you the vocabulary needed for the description of different kinds of films that you may need to use in the IELTS test.

#1 Action Film Vocabulary

In this film genre, there is more than one hero and they have to undergo a number of challenges. Action films have scenes such as extended fighting scenes, frantic chases and violent scenes.

#2 Comedy Film Vocabulary

 These types of films have a lot of humor in them and their sole purpose is to make people laugh. Comedy films are designed in such a way that they can amuse people by depicting real-life events.

#3 Romantic Film Vocabulary

The romance movies are the passionate love stories that are portrayed in the cinemas, television and the theaters. These films show strong emotions of love, affection, and care between the major characters of the story. Moreover, these films also show the journey of lovers and how they have managed to stick together in thick and thin, and finally end up marrying each other.

#4 ROM-COMS Film Vocabulary

These films are a mixture of comedy and romantic films. They contain the fundamentals of stoner comedies and the screwball comedies. Therefore, they are for the people who want to enjoy the romance and comedy at the same time.

#5 Adventure Film Vocabulary

Adventure films are the ones that portray the explorations and conquests of the adventurer. There can be different reasons for conquest such as finding the treasure or retrieving the person. However, the major focus is usually searching for the unknown thing or a person.

#6 Musical Film Vocabulary

These kinds of films are the ones in which there are different types of songs that are sung by different characters. Additionally, there is a lot of dancing in musical films.

#7 Dramas Film Vocabulary

The drama films rely on the great development of the characters so that they appear real-life characters. Characters in the drama film are usually subjected to different emotional themes so that they show the real-world problem.

#8 Period Film Vocabulary

The period or periodic films are the ones that show the story of a certain time period. Such as stone age etc.

#9 Real Life Film Vocabulary

The stories of real-life films are based on incidents in reality.

#10 Horror Film Vocabulary

These films are designed in a way that they can frighten the people and bring panic to them. Their purpose is to bring out our worst fears by showing the terrifying things or unexpected stories of the witches and the ghosts. Anyhow, they still provide cathartic experience to the people who watch them.

#11 War Film Vocabulary

The War films are the one which shows you the wars of different eras such as the air, land or naval battles happened in the 20th century. These films are very dramatic and involve a lot of action. Moreover, these films end up with the ending fates of the characters.

#12 Science Film Vocabulary

The science fiction films are based on imaginative things such as technological or scientific advances that may happen in the future. These films also show space exploration and other planet’s atmosphere.

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