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Vegetarianism Essay Writing: Essay on Vegetarian Food IELTS Writing Exam

Vegetarianism Essay-IELTS Writing Section

The following is the template for the vegetarianism essay.

We always tell the fact that you should read the query question carefully. This is important because you should know at what topic you are going to write.

Let’s see the following example question

We should divert our eating habits towards vegetarian because if you eat too much meat then you can have health problems.  How much you disagree or agree with the above statement?

Some important points to be considered before starting writing your opinion on the given topic.

  • Staying on the Topic

It is very important that you should stay on the topic while writing a response to the question. If you don’t look carefully at the question and don’t try to brainstorm some of the ideas, then it is very likely that you will end up including the vague information. For example, consider the above statement which contains arguments that are related to morals and religion but if you include those then you’ll be off-topic.

So, looking at the above statement it can be inferred that you should only add that information which is related to health problems caused by the meat.

  • Having All of the Information

You don’t have to worry if you do not have much information about the given topic which in this case is health and diet. The examiner does not want you to write the complex vocabulary words but wants to test your ability of English writing. If you’re having the information about the basics of the topic and know only some basic vocabulary, then you are good to go.

The examiner will only judge you on the basis that how beautifully you have constructed the argument even when you are not the subject expert. So, be relax and write what you know about the topic.

Organization of the Essay in IELTS Writing Section

In the model answer given in this article then we have disagreed with the above statement thus saying that everyone should not eat vegetables.

The model essay is organized as follows

  • Body 1

It explains the issues of health caused by consuming meat. This is the argument that supports the fact of being vegetarian.  

  • Body 2

It explains the benefits of consuming meat.

Given Below is the example essay.

Model Essay

You have 40 minutes to complete the following task.

Write a response to the following topic.

We should divert our eating habits towards vegetarian because if you eat too much meat then you can have health problems.  How much you disagree or agree with the above statement?

Give appropriate reasons in support of your answer and also include the examples relevant to the topic based on your knowledge or experience.

You must write 250 words at least.

Model Answer:

Consuming vegetable diet is becoming popular nowadays and many people are diverting their eating habits towards eating vegetables from eating meat. This is mainly because people think that consuming meat will cause harm to their bodies. However, I believe that consuming vegetables is not compulsory for everyone.

Vegetarians strongly believe that consuming meat is very unhealthy as it can cause a lot of diseases to them. Moreover, there is also scientific evidence that suggests that eating red meat can cause diseases. One should eat red meat less such as once or twice a week to prevent cancer from happening. Additionally, meat has a high amount of saturated fats which cause the problems of health such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

However, on the other hand, there are arguments which support that humans should eat meat. Firstly, the human body is designed in a way that it must consume meat, which tells us that eating meat is not dangerous. Moreover, humans have been consuming meat since the dawn of the time which tells us that our bodies have adapted to it. Secondly, meat has a lot of protein in it which is needed by our body to build muscles. People who are vegetarian have to eat some supplements which contain such minerals and vitamins they can’t have from vegetables. So, eating too much meat can cause harm but if we limit our meat consumption and have a balanced diet then we can avoid diseases.

In conclusion, I would say that not everyone should turn towards a vegetarian diet. Although eating excessive meat can always cause diseases. So, we should turn ourselves towards having the diet which is a balance between meat and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy.

Comments and Suggestions for writing Essay in IELTS Writing Section

You should always begin the essay by the introduction of the topic. In our case, we have started by giving the vegetarianism introduction and telling about the harms of consuming meat.

Further, it depends upon a thesis statement to make it very clear that what is the opinion of the candidate.

The second paragraph has topic sentence. This makes clear that the following paragraph will tell about the issues of health caused by eating meat. Examples are also given in support of the argument.

The third paragraph also has the topic sentence. This also makes clear that further information will be on the benefits of eating meat.

Lastly, the conclusion is given in the final paragraph by giving the final thoughts.

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