Document List for Scholarship Application

Letter of Intent (LOI) Writing Samples for Scholarship Applications

Letter of Intent abbreviated as LOI is a document showing interest in a scholarship, contract, business deal, internship, job, or…

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SOP (Statement of Purpose) for Scholarship Application: Layout, Sample, and Pro Guidance

When was the first time you heard the word SOP? Definitely during this pandemic. Well, this SOP being heard or…

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Study Plan for Scholarship Applications: Layout, Format & Sample

Applying for a scholarship is not an easy task as this procedure requires the submission of several documents that are…

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Research Proposal for Scholarship Application Submission with free Sample

Applying for a scholarship is a hell of a monotonous, boring, and lengthy procedure. But when we say lengthy, we…

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Letter or Recommendation for Students for a Scholarship Application Submission

Character and social behavior play a great role in one’s life, be it academics or professional. And most of the…

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Resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) for an Internship Application with Format and Samples

There was a time when the concept of quality education was underrated. People preferred the difficult path over education. But…

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Scholarship Motivation Letter Samples and Format

Almost all scholarship applications today require you to write a motivation letter. And indeed, the motivation letter plays an integral…

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